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AURORA is a charity dedicated to helping those with leukemia, lymphoma, and related blood disorders fight the disease and achieve a better quality of life.


Launched in June, 2018 Aurora was created to celebrate the life and memory of Nicola David-Pinedo. Undergoing treatment for leukemia, during her bone marrow transplant follow-up in Athens, Nicola witnessed the pressing needs facing patients and their families. Together with her husband, Nicola envisaged an organization that would support patients through this traumatic time. Nicola is thus the inspiration for Aurora – and her vision has come to fruition, through an organization that will help support patients and their families, but also commit to the fight against hematological diseases.


OUR MISSION is to make leukemia and other hematological diseases 100% curable. Until that is possible, Aurora aims to: improve care for patients; offer support to their families; increase patient survival; support specialized medical centers and promote the development of research in the field of onco-hematology.


  • Patient support, through the provision of free-of cost accommodation for patients whose primary residence is outside Athens: patients travelling to Athens for treatment (to undergo bone marrow transplant or other specialized therapy), are forced to spend long periods time away from home. Free-of cost accommodation, in an apartment located close to the city’s main transplant center, is a way of helping them through this difficult time.
  • Counselling and support: provision of psychological support for patients and their families, and, in addition, helping patients and their loved ones understand the processes involved, through the provision of comprehensive information
  • Supporting medical institutions: accelerating the introduction of the most advanced therapeutic methods in leading health-care centers is a key way of supporting both patients and medical staff
  • Financing science: through the support of scientific research projects and the provision of research grants we can accelerate finding a cure for leukemia and other malignant blood diseases.




  • Because you can, literally, save help save lives: every year, at least 1.000 new leukemia cases are diagnosed in Greece. One in ten children and half of the adults who have the disease do not survive. With your help, we can make the difference – helping them beat the odds.
  • Because the challenge is enormous: eradicating hematological diseases and improving patients’ quality of life as they fight with the disease, is no small feat. We need all the help we can get.



  • Fund a project: as an individual, or as a corporate supporter (as part of your social responsibility programme), you can choose to associate yourself with a single Aurora initiative – either in the line of research or patient care
  • Become a partner company: being part of the Partners Company Scheme enables your company to announce its commitment against hematological diseases, not only to the general public but also to your shareholders, suppliers, clients and staff
  • Give a gift of solidarity: through a direct donation (how-to-give details are available on the Aurora website)
  • Become a Friend: Join Aurora’s Friends’ network and help us fight for this cause, through a small, annual subscription




Frangoklissias 9
151 25 Marousi
Tel: 2106801075
Email: info@aurora-together.com